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Tale Of Two Cities Hypertext
English 2 Honors

Second Hypertext

Book Two Questions
1. What is Tellson's Bank being compared to?
It compared to a prison or crypt.
2.What is significant about descending "two steps" to go into Tellson's?
"two steps" means being degraded or going down to purgatory.
3. What does "putting to death was a recipe much in vogue" mean?
Death was a "fashion" at that time.
4. What types of crimes In England were given death?
The forger, uttering a bad note, unlawful opening of a letter, theft of a horse, purloiner of 40 shillings and 6 pence, sounders of notes, coiner of bad shilling.
5. describe Mr. Cruncher and his son.
Mr. Cruncher's son looks like him a grizzly urchin.
6. Why does Mr. Cruncher get upset with his wife?
Mr. Cruncher gets mad at his wife because she is "flopping" against him.
7. What clues are you given that he secretly digs up the dead at night?
Jerry Cruncher's never mentions a specific trade and also that his hands are rusty.
8. What punishment(s) will be given to the traitorous prisoner?
bound and quartering
9. What is above the prisoner's head to "throw the light down upon him?"
A mirror
10. Who are the two witnesses in the court brought to speak against the witness?
Lucie Manette and her father.
1. What metaphor does Dickens use to describe the people in the court?
One flies

2. What has Mr. Darney done, according to the judge?
Mr. Darney has being going in and out of France and England and he also praises George Wahington these are the reason he has been charged with treason.
3. what slanderous comments does Lucy say against Darnay?
A gentleman
4. who notices that Lucy feels ill?
Sydney Carton
5. Who is "recalled to life?"
6. Why is the chapter entitled "A Disappointment?"
There is this title because Darnay does not die.
1. How does Dr. Manette look at Darnay after the trial?
After the trial Dr. Manette looks at Darnay with scornful and with terror.
2. Who is "The Golden Thread?"
Lucie Manette
3. why does Mr. Lorry get upset with Mr. Carton?
Because Mr. Carton is a selfless, drunker, and free of delusions.
4. How does Sidney Carton feel about Darnay?
Sidney feels jealous about Darnay.
5. To whom do both men toast?
6. How does Carton finish his evening?
Striver and Carton drink punch and pass out.
1. Who is the Lion?
Mr. Striver
2. Who is the jackal?
Sydney Carton
3. Who do you learn was the genius behind saving Darnay?
Sydney carton
4. What does Carton call Lucy?
"Golden Hair Doll"
5. Write the 3-4 BEST sentences of Dickens' that describe the tragedy of Carton's unfulfilled life.

Sydney Carton, idlest and most unpromising of men, was Stryver's great ally. What the two drank together, between Hilary Term and Michaelmas, might have floated a king's ship. Stryver never had a case in hand, anywhere, but Carton was there, with his hands in his pockets, staring at the ceiling of the court; they went the same Circuit, and even there they prolonged their usual orgies late into the night, and Carton was rumoured to be seen at broad day, going home stealthily and unsteadily to his lodgings, like a dissipated cat.


1. Where does Mr. Lorry go for refuge on Sundays?
Dr. Manette's house
2. Mr. Lorry tells Miss Pross he is worried about Dr. Manette. Why is he worried?
She is worried about him because he keeps his shoemaking equipment in his room
3. What does Darnay say that physically upsets the doctor?
Darnay describes "DIG" and might have dig himself out of 105 North Tower.
4. Who is the visitor that comes after Darnay?
Sydney Carton
5. What is this strangely mood/ visitor's prediction about this group?
There is a big enough group to show that revolution/war will be coming.