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ATOTC Chapter 18-20
English 2 Honors

Chapter 18-20 Questions


  1. Who does Miss Pross feel would have been better bridegroom? What clue have you learned here?

Miss Pross thinks her brother Solomon would be a better bridegroom. Miss Pross dislikes Darnay.

  1. Why does Dr. Manette go into a trance for nine days?

He is worried and upset about Lucy’s marriage to Darnay and his connection to the Marquis.

Chapter 19

  1. Why do Lorry and Manette speak of the shoemaker in third person?

The shoemaker is his double personality and he wants to rid this personality.

  1. What advice does Lorry give Manette about maintaining the shoe materials?

Lorry tells Manette to destroy them.

  1. How do Lorry and Miss Pross eradicate the shoe materials?

They hack the bench to pieces, burn the bench, and burry the leather and shoe making materials.   

Chapter 20

  1. What two requests does Carton have of Darnay?

He asks if they can be friends and forgive each other.

  1. What does Lucie tell Darnay about Carton?

Lucie tells Darnay that Carton is a deeply wounded person and he needs compassion.