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Extra Credict For All Quite On The Western Front
English 2 Honors

English Extra Credit

by Jesly Escalante

I interviewed my friends Grandma, who is French and lived in France during the Second World War.

How did you become in contact with the Nazis?
"I was born in Lyon, Francs, and that is where the Germans occupied the country. They confiscated everything. They took all of our food, and left us squash to eat. They took all our coffee so they made fake coffee out of a plant. Then they started killing people, especially the Jews. "

Did the Nazis try to occupy the catholic school where you lived?
"No, I left before they could get a chance."

Tell me a little about what you can remember about World War 2.
"They invaded France in 1939, at the beginning of the summer or the end of spring. The war lasted until 1942. It was four years. They occupied each big city and village in France. Each town had the Gestapo (the Secret Police of Russia) and these are the ones who went into homes and dug out the Jewish people and sent them to the gas chamber."

Were you persecuted by the Germans at all?
"We were not persecuted by the Germans; we were catholic, only the Jews were. Americans killed more civilians then the Germans did in the war, with all of their bombings in all of the towns. Many people were just starving. "

Did you ever see anybody killed?
"We saw people killed every day by the Nazis; it was a way of life for four years. There were French people that would resist the Germans, and they would organize things such as German trains blowing up. The Germans would then go to a village and kill everybody because of the death of on German soldier. "

Were any of your friends killed by the Germans?
"I had two Jewish girlfriends that were taken, and killed with their parents in a concentration camp in France, where they had big gas chambers and they would just gas them….and afterwards they would cremate the bodies."

It is hard for me to imagine the terror my grandma lived through. I'm happy she met my grandpa during the war and moved to the United States in 1950. She is so grateful to be an American.