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TPCAST For Mending

English 2 Honors

TPCAST for Mending Wall

Title: Mending Wall suggests that a wall has fallen down, and it is being fixed.

Paraphrase: Frost makes the walls fall down. The persona has to pick up the walls between neighbors after winter comes. The two neighbors decide that they cannot live together without a fence.

Connotation: There is tree imagery. “My apple trees will never get across 
and eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.” Words like “offense,” “mischief,” “mending” create a selfish tone.

Attitude: The neighbor’s attitude of the other neighbor is skeptical and bemused. The persona hates having to repair the wall, but likes the division the wall creates. He does not like nature because the frost knocks down the wall.

Shifts: The attitude shifts from hatred to love of the neighbors. At first the neighbors yell at each other, “Stay where you are until our backs our turned!” and immediately afterwards, the persona compares their fights to a little game. The connotation is then positive.

Theme: Physical barriers create emotional barriers. The statement, “Good fences make good neighbors” creates the theme for this poem.